We are people just like you.

Leaders, business owners, sales professionals, and more.

Our diverse team  at the Lowisz Leadership Institute aren't just trainers, we are experienced business professionals first.

We know what it feels like to struggle with high turnover, team dysfunction, and less than ideal results and to go in search of effective leadership development solutions.  

Just like you, we wanted a way to create high performing teams.

We invested thousands of dollars on leadership training programs, inspirational speakers, and so-called gurus.  And like you, we ended up with one day of excitement, and a lack of ongoing change. 

We continually found that theoretical advice, non-experienced based teaching, and training delivered by non business leaders  was standing in our way.

We went in search of a leadership development solution that actually created sustained change.

Unable to find it, we made it our mission to create a leadership framework built not on academic theory, but on actual application in our own business.  We have seen so much success with it that we have assembled the team to share it with you...

We believe that 

everyone deserves to have an effective leader.

And have spent the last 15 years helping thousands of entrepreneurs/CEOs/and leaders just like you to lead effectively, reducing employee turnover, increasing engagement, and creating rock solid teams!



Steve Lowisz has thirty years as a business leader who understands the nuances of effective leadership development. He has learned what works (and doesn’t work) in the development of leaders at all levels of an organization.
His commitment to fostering tomorrow's leaders has been demonstrated through extensive training, keynotes, coaching, and now the Lowisz Leadership Institute ‚Äď the leadership arm of Qualigence International. Through LLI, Steve has brought together a team of proven leaders to share the leadership lessons that matter.



President & Chief Strategy Officer


Leah, the President of Lowisz Leadership Institute, she dedicated to delivering tailored strategies and solutions catering to our clients' needs. Her expertise in client relationship management ensures that each client receives personalized experiences through partnerships. You can connect with Leah to access the insights essential for your success.



SVP, Professional Services


Kirk, a dedicated sales professional at LLI and the Qualigence Group, identifies clients for leadership courses, enhancing their growth and impact. Driven by core family values, Kirk's passion for clients and a strong work ethic distinguish him in the industry. His love for the job motivates him to excel as a leader, peer, and co-worker.



SVP, Professional Services


Devin, with over 14 years of experience, as a dedicated sales professional at LLI and Qualigence Group. He specializes in identifying clients for leadership courses, enhancing their growth and impact. Devin's extensive experience in business development, consulting, and talent acquisition allows him to drive meaningful engagements and craft tailored solutions.



Executive Admin. Support


Devin provides essential administrative support for the Qualigence Group of companies. She efficiently manages daily operations and assists in coordinating projects, ensuring seamless workflow and effective communication. Her role is crucial in supporting the team's efforts to deliver exceptional leadership services.



VP Marketing Qualigence Group


Jennifer is a seasoned marketing executive for the Qualigence Group of companies, where she uses her expertise in developing and implement marketing strategies and campaigns to promote leadership programs. Her strategic focus is on developing training that offers immediate, practical solutions for today's business challenges.

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Let's get started!


Steve Lowisz delivers powerful keynotes that ignite sustainable personal growth. With practical application, actionable insights and engaging storytelling, Steve challenges audiences to achieve peak performance and drive meaningful change.


We offer a range of leadership development workshops tailored to drive team performance and results. Each workshop is designed to provide practical tools that leaders can immediately apply to foster growth within their organizations.


We offer on-demand learning and microlearning courses  for leaders to grow at their own pace. These bite-sized lessons and interactive challenges provide practical skills and insights, empowering leaders to continuously improve on their own schedule.


Join our online community for leaders and gain access to ongoing leadership insights, training, advice, and interaction. Connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and continuously grow your leadership skills in a supportive environment.


It's our belief that 

every leader should have the opportunity to¬†Stop Driving and Start Guiding‚ĄĘ

and overcome the common challenges of leading teams. Let us show you how to engage with your teams in ways that will open the doors to driving sustainable results

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