Develop Leaders That

People Want to Follow

And do it in months, not years!

Join our community and learn how you can transform your organization by building exceptional leaders that turn potential into measurable performance.

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Develop Leaders That

People Want to Follow

And do it in months, not years!

Join our community and learn how you can transform your organization by building exceptional leaders that turn potential into measurable performance.

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What is it costing your organization by not developing your leaders?

At the Lowisz Leadership Institute, we know the high stakes of neglecting leadership development. Picture your organization without strong leaders: teams stumble, productivity nosedives, and your best people walk out the door. Engagement drops, turnover skyrockets, and you're left footing the bill. Meanwhile, your competitors, who invest in their leaders, are pulling ahead, snapping up market share and top talent. The impact is felt everywhere—from declining customer satisfaction to a struggling bottom line. Are you willing to let your organization's potential slip away? It's time to invest in the right leadership development and make your vision a reality.

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The Lowisz Leadership Institute can help you develop 

individuals, leaders, teams, and cultures that drive real results!


Leverage the Lowisz Leadership Institute to increase engagement and slash employee turnover. Our programs empower leaders to engage and inspire their teams, fostering trust and accountability. The result? Higher job satisfaction, improved morale, and stronger retention. Save time and money while building a cohesive, productive workforce.


Use the Lowisz Leadership Institute to elevate performance across your organization. Our unique approach guides leaders to master the right skills and behaviors. The outcome? Increased productivity, sharper focus, and a culture driven by results. Achieve your goals faster and outperform the competition with a team that's motivated and high-performing.


Utilize the Lowisz Leadership Institute to reclaim your time. Our framework streamlines your leadership approach, empowering your team to take ownership . The benefit? More time for strategic thinking and high-impact decisions. Free yourself from daily micromanagement and focus on guiding your organization forward with a capable, self-sufficient team.

What Makes Us Different From the Thousands of Other Leadership Companies?

3 Simple Words: GUIDE, DON'T DRIVE™

Like you, I struggled with turnover, disengaged employees, and lower than expected team performance.  And after 2 decades of lackluster results from leadership 'gurus' who promised the world from their academic philosophies and buzzwords, I came across a practical solution.   

Stop Driving and Start Guiding™ is based on four simple, yet practical leadership principles:

Shifting from getting FROM our people to FOR people to drive results.

Mastering our ability to move from MANIPULATION to INFLUENCE.

Getting to KNOW our people and GROW people in ways they have never experienced.

And, learning how NOT to solve problems for our team members.


Why it works....

Because most leadership philosophies are based on manipulating the other person to do what we want them to do - even though we think we are doing it with the best of intentions.  But what happens when we turn our backs?   Teamwork falls apart; individuals focus on themselves; clients go unattended to; and profits suffer. 

Stop Driving and Start Guiding™ is based on the principal of creating an environment as a leader where your team CHOOSES to give their best.  Not because they have to, but because they want to.  And when they choose not to, the entire team helps them achieve or helps them choose to join another team! 

Stop Driving and Start Guiding™ was my wakeup call in who I am and how I lead, and can radically change your leaders and your company!

 Stop Driving and Start Guiding™

This talk is all about improving as a leader in life and business. 

Our STOP DRIVING & START GUIDING™ framework will help you overcome the pain of disengaged employees and dysfunctional teams, leading to increased performance and profits.

Choose your preferred method of growth and

let's get started!


Steve Lowisz delivers powerful keynotes that ignite sustainable personal growth. With practical application, actionable insights and engaging storytelling, Steve challenges audiences to achieve peak performance and drive meaningful change.


We offer a range of leadership development workshops tailored to drive team performance and results. Each workshop is designed to provide practical tools that leaders can immediately apply to foster growth within their organizations.


We offer on-demand learning and microlearning courses  for leaders to grow at their own pace. These bite-sized lessons and interactive challenges provide practical skills and insights, empowering leaders to continuously improve on their own schedule.


Join our online community for leaders and gain access to ongoing leadership insights, training, advice, and interaction. Connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and continuously grow your leadership skills in a supportive environment.


This is your 

Time to Thrive

Struggling with ineffective leadership development programs can leave you feeling frustrated and your team directionless. You deserve a framework that empowers you to be the guide, not the hero. With the Lowisz Leadership Institute's signature program, "Stop Driving and Start Guiding," you'll transform your approach to leadership. Imagine leading with confidence, knowing you’ve equipped your team to take initiative and excel. You’ll cultivate a culture of trust, innovation, and accountability, freeing you from micromanagement and allowing you to focus on strategic growth. 

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