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 Stop Driving And Start Guiding™

For years, leaders have talked about the power of why (Made popular by Simon Sinek). If it truly worked, why is employee engagement and employment performance at all time lows? Learn why everything you know about this topic i dead wrong – and how you can do better as leaders.  This keynote is designed to challenge, inspire, and propel you into action.


Ownershift: Creating An Environment Where Teams Choose Ownership

In Today’s Business World, Leaders Need Teams That Take Real Ownership Of Their Work-But Common Leadership “Wisdom” Is Fraught With BS On The Topic. The Biggest Myth Is That Leaders Can Force It – When The Reality Is Teams Must CHOOSE Ownership For Themselves!


Is Your Culture Costing You

This session cuts through the noise of what we have been told about culture -  You will redefine culture in a way that actually makes sense in the real world. The reality is, there's a massive gap between the 'ideal' culture you talk about in interviews and the culture new hires actually walk into.
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Stop Driving And Start Guiding™ Workshop

(4 Hours)
Tired of spending your time solving other’s problems and constantly having to find new ways to motivate people to perform as a leader? Let’s change that.

Developing a Culture of Ownership

(3 Hours)
Are your teams lacking ownership? Does the term accountability scare people and sound like punishment? Are your leaders confused? You can fix that.

Difficult Conversations - Talk About What Matters in a Way That Matters

(4 Hours)
Struggling with high-stakes, emotional conversations with others? Getting anxious thinking about them? Let’s tackle them together.

Developing Your Leadership Influence

(2 Hours)
Wondering how to truly influence those that work for you?  What about your peers?  What about those you work for? This workshop is for you.

Mastering Your Leadership IQ

(3 Hours)
Struggling to connect with your team and lead effectively? Still wondering about what Emotional Intelligence is? This workshop is for you.

Reimagining Teamwork - How to Create and Lead Results Based Teams

(4 Hours)
Struggling to get your organization to perform as one cohesive team? This workshop is for you.
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